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Hey there. GF noob here (and design noob). I’m trying to take the hexagonal coasters and overlay an image to them, but the image is large and I want it to cover all 6 coasters so that a portion of the image is on all coasters (without cutting/engraving anything outside of hte coaster). Trying to do something like this in Inkscape but I’m not really sure on how to bind a pdf image to the hexagon and then erase everything outside of that. I hope some of that made sense lol. Thanks in advance!!

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So basically you’d probably do a clipping path to hide the rest of the pdf image then export the clipped selection out as a png and re-import it into inkscape as a new image file.

There are probably more efficient ways to do it though. If you’re trying to make a tiled hex arrangement, you could just overlay your hexes on a large image and cut/engrave them all at once.

Uploading your art (if you have license to do so) might help people give you more pointed advice.


A real quick and dirty would be to overlay a hex on your image in a raster program (PaintNet is mine of choice) and then delete around the hexes - then dump that into the GFUI and arrange the coasters (cuz you can separate them) over where you want to cut

Better would be to do the above first and then load that into a vector program (Inkscape for me) and do vector hexes there, line them up however you want, then use the vector lines to cut your coasters, and the raster areas to engrave


Yup, what @evansd2 and @deirdrebeth outlined is what I would try.

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