Owner? Are you just being mean now?

Hey guys!

I just earned the badge of OWNER! It says, “PROUD OWNER OF A GLOWFORGE!”


I did, however, purchase one on October 17, 2015.

On Friday, October 27th, 2017 the “expected ship date” displayed as Oct. 30, 2017.
On Saturday, October 28th, the “expected ship date” displayed as November 21, 2017.
On Tuesday, October 31st, the “expected ship date” displays as October 31, 2017.

I have yet to receive a “shipping” email, so I highly doubt the accuracy of any of those dates.

So how on earth did I earn an OWNER badge? Is this cruel teasing of some sort that I am not in on? Please help me understand.

UPDATE: Email came…updated the shipping details. We are ready! Can’t wait!


I think all the people receiving a Glowforge were granted ‘owner’ badges back in July. Given that your shipping date is… today I suspect you’ll be getting your email very soon. Also, I would really suggest checking your spam filters :smiley:

Spare a thought for us poor international buyers. Invested on day 3 or 4 of the campaign and my shipping date isn’t until the end of Jan 2018! To be honest, I’ll be happy when I see the first international Glowforge actually ship. Then I will find patience a lot easier.


I think this was the announcement on the badge:

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Thanks Glen! I just checked SPAM folder…nothing.

Sorry for your delays too!

It’s weird that they would award badges for OWNER before the darn thing ships…that strikes me as baloney. Perhaps the more people that show up as OWNER on their forums the more likely new customers might see it as “I can get mine right away.”

Nice sales tactic…cruel to those waiting. That’s my take.


They made that change when only those who had purchased were on the forums. It served as a way to flag those who actually made the purchase from those that were ‘invited’ in. The ‘owners’ have different privileges I believe. They could have called it something else, but ‘owner’ makes sense as a tag because once they get through their backlog of preorders, eventually… some day… stares off into the distance thinking of one day getting his Glowforge… errr one day you’ll have a device shipped to you at the time you order, and you’ll get access on the forums, etc.


If the above answers were unclear. Everyone who has a GF on order is given the title of Owner. Has nothing to do with whether you have received the email. It might have to be enabled in the preferences but it’s there.


“Owning” something and “having possession” of something are not the same. You own something the moment you purchase it, whether you have possession of it or not. Conversely, having possession something doesn’t mean you own it.

Sure hope you get the e-mail today! It’s truly magical to use!


I would think that if you have a BASIC coming … the Oct 31 date is probably correct. GF must have ramped up Basic production (vs the emphasis on Pro lately)… wait until 10pm EST and if you haven’t received the Golden Email … then worry and curse. :glowforge::sunglasses:

A lot of us that had 10/30 as the notification date received our emails around 5 pme est yesterday.

Here’s to hoping you do not have to wait until the wee hours of the night!!

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Still just an estimate. Some were several days later, and if I remember correctly some were updated at the very last second and came a day early. Personally wouldn’t bother Support with an email unless it missed this week. You will just get the canned reply.

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Sounds like you’ll be getting an email soon! But then the question is… How long does it take from there to get a tracking number? Anybody have a guess?

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From the user sourced spreadsheet:



They have my payment in full, that makes me an owner IMO.


Oooh, thanks! Is there a way to confirm that I have indeed submitted my shipping info (address, etc)?

Unless you recieved the “Do you want your Glowforge” email, you have not submitted the address that they’ll use for shipping. Once you receive that email there will be a link that walks you through the acceptance process.


(Woops, sorry, I thought you were the OP for a moment)

I can’t say I know of any way to check your information after going through the process of accepting shipment. Other than contacting support.

If you can link to the catalog then your info was accepted.


As @rpegg says, everyone who has ordered a Glowforge is classed as an ‘owner’ whether they have their machines or not.

IIRC it is to allow higher permissions on the Forum.
People who did not buy a Glowforge are still allowed on the forum, this your owner badge is important.

Thanks everyone for your help clarifying the owner’s badge.

@YML, you should have already received an email with good news. If you haven’t, please reach out to us at support@glowforge.com!