Owner Badge?

I got excited about receiving an “Owner Badge”! Then, I immediately got worried that I missed THE email after not seeing one in my Inbox.

Does getting this badge mean my 'Forge is ready to ship and I accidentally deleted my email?


Sorry, no. Everyone is getting it as prep for letting nonowners in.


Ah I see, that makes sense. Thanks!


I thought the same thing :blush:


It really is a bit misleading when you’re waiting and waiting for… something else. And then you see a BIG message that says “CONGRATULATIONS!” and then you realize… “Oh. It’s a… a badge. Uhhh… Thanks… I guess.”


Owner? i got that badge too. i was thinking, Wow! I have been forgiven my mortgage and the title deed is in the mail… then I realized, I have too many windows open on the screen…


Ughhh, I just saw this as well and was really hoping it meant I was moving through the queue.

Yes it is extremely irritating to be called “a proud owner” when not even a single pro or overseas order has shipped yet. That is why I don’t display my badge.

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It does. You just have no point of reference to gauge the speed at which you’re moving.
A bit like a call centre telling you you’re on hold and one of our operatives will be with you soon.

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Well if you use Glowforge’s definition of shipping then two but in the rest of the world’s definition of shipping then none.


“None” is an absolute. You can’t just arbitrarily assign some other value to it. You said “not even a single” and that’s simply untrue… by any definition. It’s unfair to everybody to just make things up and post them as fact. And I know you agree with that, because I’ve read hundreds of your posts. :slight_smile:

But I certainly don’t disagree with the reality behind what you’ve said. We’ve only heard of a couple of pro shipments. Which, of course, doesn’t mean they’re not shipping. As we well know, only a small portion of owners are forum members, and only a small portion of forum members post messages. FACT is, they’re shipping now though! Rejoice in that!

I hope your unit next! Your prior experiences should really make Glowforging something special to see!

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I can’t find anyone stating that their Pro has been shipped.

The only public statements by two Pro purchasers has been that they received their “Golden Emails” stating that their Pro should ship within 6 weeks.

One of those recipients has gone 4 weeks without an actual shipping notice.

True - someone who is not active here (or on any other social media) may have received a Golden Email, a shipping notice, and even their Pro. But, it does seem unlikely.


Not in the normal definition of shipping which is dispatching units from the factory. Just emails committing to ship within six weeks. Why could that possibly be? The only reason I can think of is to claim they are shipping weeks before they are. Can anybody else think of another explanation for such a big delay?

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I agree. Very, very unlikely. Since an actual arrival in working order would be something to celebrate for Glowforge, I seriously doubt any normal customer has received a pro. I’m also not sure why so many people who aren’t Glowforge employees get defensive about it.

There have been so many cases of over optimism leading to disappointment and upset plans that at this point it seems more useful in general to not invest too much in the current schedule.

I’m really looking forward to seeing that milestone of a pro arrival. After that it’d be great to see a regular rhythm of deliveries so it starts to look like a normal business with normal everyday run rates. Of course, there’s the lump of the first month of orders to digest before anything is “normal”.


I have to agree. there’s no realistic definition of “shipping” that describes the pro GFs right now. Nobody has a shipping notice, let alone an actual machine. until that happens, it’s beyond a stretch to claim they’re shipping.

I’m really happy to see all of the basics starting to arrive again and people getting more shipping notices, that’s a strong positive direction. But the Pros are still behind the 8-ball until someone actually gets one.


You’re absolutely right.