OY! Poof picked up Puffette lost from FT. Worth?

Well, we scrambled a lot planning how to get Poof out of here and Puffette in on what I hoped was the same truck. But no Puffette showed. I had been informed that it would be here by 2:00 pm and the tracking shows that it was supposed to be delivered by End-of-Day but it is now past 4:30 and no Puffette. Looking deeper I see that list was supposed to have Left Ft.Worth on Saturday but that is the last reference with no reference since.

Poof has flown off to the land of embarrassing mistakes but Puffette has been lost in the wilderness.

Does anyone have some experience with this problem?


FedEx is not the reliable on the tracking. I usually can’t plan for an arrival and hope for the best.


Finally got to Orlando, drunk and and singing Disney tunes. hopefully with the chastity plates still in place.


I’m so glad to see that Puffette is on the move!

It looks like your shipment is expected to arrive by end of day tomorrow. I’m going to close this thread since we’ve received an update. Feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.

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