Padded tips/handles for the hose clamp

I got tired of hurting my fingertips trying to squeeze that wire hose clamp open to get it on and off of my window vent, so I just designed some little pads to slide over the ends of the wires. As I type this, I now see a topic with a similar thing from last year (which didn’t turn up in my earlier searches), so now you have 2 styles to choose from. Parts and pics are at Thingiverse:


i think many of us just replaced the clamp with a screw down version from the hardware store.

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Still seems awkward to screw/unscrew that at least once/day when you want to use the Glowforge (per the official recommendation to not leave it hooked up to outside air). Granted, I can’t imagine the hose itself holding up to that much connecting/disconnecting without tearing the material apart.

i also have a blast gate installed. so i can just close the blast gate to stop the cold air.

there are other ways to attach to the window end if you want to disconnect every day. search for exhaust and see what others have done. like quick disconnect systems.


I actually have a blast gate ready to install, though I do plan to install it outside the house (because fully sealed blast gates are crazy expensive).

Either way, this is a 5 minute print and they work great for those of us who haven’t (yet) set up a permanent exhaust system.