Painted Birch and svg cutting for easel

Hello peeps!

I have a couple of questions here that I am sure will be of use to a lot other creators.

I am making these 5" x 5" birch tiles with quote on them. An easel to go with then is too expensive for starting out. I had seen someone make a small rectangular cut on the bottom of a similar tile and then cut a rectangle of the same wood that went inside the opening from behind and this would make it stand. Now, I can’t find this item so I can ask the creator how to do the svg for that :grimacing: anyone here know what I am talking about :pray:

Second question. This girl is making these beautiful art work in painted birch, unfortunately she does not want to share where she gets the wood (I get it) so I am hoping someone can guide me to what paint I can use that will be safe for the glowforge. I order some birch from the guy that someone shared here and it’d on it’s way!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to start paying for this machine :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Utilizing the search function here in the forum will reward you richly. For example, the Free designs section has many useful and inspirational files. Here is one you might find helpful: Just a frame, just an ordinary frame, just trying to get by

As for paints, there are lots of discussions in the forum regarding what works well and is safe.


Thank you!

I did look for easel in the search and nothing popped up. The one you shared is to hang the art. This is more of a desk piece.
But, I’ll continue to search and see what I can come up with.

@todd.hassell shared a tile stand in the Free Designs section I think, that might be similar to what you are looking for:


This one works well for tiles, too:

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