Painters Tool Trestle

I own a cosmetics company so a little bit of a change and it’s ideal for holding my makeup brushes. :grinning:

Now my picture editing skills need work! Lol.


Nice! It’s great to make something that fits our needs!

And using acrylic (assuming clear here) is a good option.

I’m not good on the design side of things yet, but would be great if you could find a way to get your company name on it! (e.g. change the side panels a bit to make an area big enough to etch on…).


I see this can be used to hold many different items.

I love it with the acrylic! My only complaint about the design is that mine keeps toppling over on my desk – the narrow base makes it really susceptible to getting too top-heavy when it’s loaded down with pens, brushes, etc. :frowning: