Painting Bookcase Bookmarks

This is about the amount of bookmarks that I can paint in 4 days. I use Aroic paint pens. I just found out that they come in fine tipped. Here is the before and after.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.39.22 PM



If you’re painting them all by hand, it might speed your process a lot if you did the scoring/engraving and then carefully pulled the masking off everything that is going to be brown, and then spray painted them en mass…
then pull off the rest of the masking and do the black and the book spines.

I do love how bright the Aroics colours are. That light blue especially, it almost glows :slight_smile:



Those looks awesome! May I ask what material you use to print them on, and where you got the file?

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I use maple plywood. It’s a file I created. The website is also the watermark on all my pics.

Ah! Very nice! You have a great Etsy page! Love the butterfly necklace and earrings!

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Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you like it.