Pallet Coaster



I wanna see a stack of mini Glowforges pallet-wrapped onto it. Super cute @jules!


If you made it out of PG Maple it would be washable :slight_smile:

Piling on @hansena’s suggestion - if you have flashing lights on the tree your GF button will pulse too :smile:


Mmmm… I dunno about that… My :proofgrade: maple curled into the letter C when I put water on it.


Hardwood or ply? Now I’m going to have to do some testing :slight_smile:


Hardwood. I’d engraved something into it, then gently rubbed a sponge with water on it to remove some smoke. Within just several seconds, it began to curl. I’m no wood-worker. So I don’t know if it was the rubbing action or the temperature of the water or what. I just know the result.

I might still have it. I was going to trash it, but my Wife thought it was cool so I don’t remember if she let me toss it.

EDIT: Looks like I still have it. I swear it was considerably more curled than this. Either I’m mistaken, or it flattened back out a bit:


I’ve got some puzzles like that - just from humidity. And it’s just the hardwood that seems to do that - the ply seems more stable (which makes sense because there are counter balancing layers with the grain offset).


I’ll be looking forward to see that!!



(For those who aren’t familar, Bruder in Germany makes REALLY, REALLY awesome toys that are “just like the real thing”. I am waiting for my son to be old enough to start buying him their toys…)


When I washed one of my engravings on :proofgrade: maple hardwood, the same thing happened. It curled up significantly. However, after a day or two of drying out, it flattened out again.


yeah, this is common to wood. you should have seen our floor when the aquarium spontaneously broke a couple of years ago. hardly noticeable, now.


So great!


That would be irresponsible. You should do the proper concerned & caring parent thing by buying them now so you can test them for safety & durability so when he’s old enough you’ll know you’ve done all you could to insure his safety :smile:


Dad to his 3 year old - “Look what Dad got you Son! A gas powered remote control helicopter!!”


So maybe clamping it between a couple of books would yield a good result.


I keep water off the work and use alcohol and a toothbrush, blot dry. Doesn’t swell the wood like water.


I usually just stack a few of my heavier books on top of the wood, but clamps would work just as well.


Yep. Thin sheets of wood warp a lot. But they flatten when they dry unless you keep them in the warped shape. (Here’s another issue: they may warp just from humidity, especially if they have finish on one side but not the other.)




Sometimes wiping the other side with water and letting it dry will warp it back flat.


I almost tried that. And then I felt like I’d be Ferris Bueller trying to put the car in reverse to take the miles off the odometer. :wink: