Pan and cut functionality on the base model

I couldn’t tell if the pan and cut functionality was supported in the base model or not. I know there’s no pass through slot on the base model, but there has been mention of leather and fabric that you can roll up to the sides, then slide the material over as you cut the full length of it. I’d love to know if this is supported in the base model or not before the upgrade window closes :smile:


I’m pretty sure @dan mentioned that it is, as you could theoretically use it to cut the bag out of a larger piece of leather, and roll/unroll as you go.

I hope it is! Though even if not, I suppose you could just manually split your image and then send it through as individual prints- what I would wonder about then is how accurate GF’s positioning will let you align each segment? Ideally (I don’t know if this is how it would work in the Pro) you could upload a large image and use some sort of “tile” command where it would get broken down within GF’s software itself :slight_smile: