Pan Pan

No, not bread. No, not for frying.
My younger daughter Katie (12) had to do a project on a Greek god. She chose Pan. You know… famous for his flute. Also where we get words like pan and panic, and the prefix pan as in pan-dimentional. It all comes from Pan. Or, as my daughter now refers to him, “that horny little goat-man.”

Anyway, she made a diorama. Included were a non-functional pan flute we made from bamboo (not pictured, but looks great, and she had a great time using the power saw), a representation of Pan himself made from a Ken doll and “craft fur” and :glowforge:-made horns and a tail (also not pictured), Ken/Pan got his very own :glowforge:-made pan flute (pictured below), and also a :glowforge:- made gold Pantikapion coin (also pictured below)!

Miniature pan flute for miniature Pan to hold. It’s about 1" x 1".

Original Pantikapion coin image:

Our reproduction:

Far from perfect. I really wanted to use acrylic, but I tried medium acrylic and it just couldn’t handle the double-sided engrave… ate right through it when I flipped it. Turns out I’m out of thick acrylic, so I just said screw it, and used thick draftboard. I’d say the result is… adequate. Especially considering we did it all in 3 hours.


Pandemonium! :sunglasses:
(Bet she aces it!)


Wow, they came out great, especially the coin! Dioramas will never be the same going forward…


Very nice! Kids with access to a Glowforge will be able to be so much more creative. Awesome!