Pan Scrapers

After doing the chores today, and using my trusty pan scraper(a Pampered Hen one), I suddenly realised that I might be holding a solution to a long time problem.
Being a fan maker, I’ve long been looking for a substitute for ivory, one of the traditional materials, chosen because of its stiffness, along with a degree of resiliency.
I’m no engineer, so can’t describe the exact quality, but if you try to bend a 0.04" thick, narrow
piece of ivory, say 1/2" wide and 6" long, it’s suprisingly stiff compared with any plastic material.
Back to the scraper, which I’ve found is nylon, but I wonder if it has any filler in it. Short lengths of glass fibre would be a common filler, or even glass powder.
Has anyone tried to laser/personalise their scraper ?
Go on, you know you want to pew pew all things.
I’m currently separated from mine by about 4000 miles, so not an option for me currently !


I don’t know about nylon, but have you looked into Delrin (acetal)? It seems pretty stiff to me and you can definitely cut and engrave it in your Glowforge.

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