Pandemic pumpkins R' US

Instead of carving pumpkins this year, we drew them (well most of us did), scanned and cut them out on the glowforge. Then colored them with various finishes. The sugar skull and pumpkin outline are modified from the premium clipart. Glowforge worked super smooth and fun was had by all. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


Those look fun. Three years you have been away? Can we expect some Christmas ornaments to paint?


Nice job on those. You are all really good at coloring within the lines. :laughing:

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A great idea. Really cute.

Time flies these days between my work and kids and i haven’t had as much of it as I would like! Last holiday, I spent a lot of time trying to get decent photo based puzzles out and experienced extreme frustration with laser variation. My GF was kaput for most of this year as the lid came loose and broke free. I did end up with great repair from GF which ended up in a replacement unit in the midst of the pandemic. It was a bit tough getting it up and down the stairs, as the units are pretty heaving packed up! I’ve been trying to do something with the GF every weekend. I’m very excited about the new tools that have been added- minimal shapes are super useful (to size holes to fit an object for example) and the outline functions make it much easier to import and cut fast without going in and out (a lock object or the ability to select a specific object from the cut menu would be helpful for something like these pumpkins as some of the designs ended up in many pieces with many trips to and from inkscape). I’ll post some more from ongoing projects. Before whatever the xmas ornament will be this year, which may be something to color or decorate for the kids!

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Nice paint job on these.

Thanks! Mine is the crayon one- MDF sure sucks up the crayon!

I am glad you have an operational Glowforge now!