Panicking! Why is my Glowforge stuttering?

I have never had this issue before. My Glowforge is lightly used, I do regular cleanings on the lenses, empty out the crumb tray as often as I can, and I use proofgrade material 99% of the time. I used my Glowforge yesterday without any issues. I need the machine to work properly as I have an order that needs to be fulfilled ASAP. It seems like something is loose? The only way I could think of this happening is that I recently started to use the Score feature, and it seems to jerk the machine around a lot. Attached is a video of the sound it’s making. Also, when I turned the machine off, I checked the belt - it seems to be running smoothly, but when I checked I noticed that the whole thing (laser tube, printer head, ect.) moved on the right side, shown below.

With the machine off, inspect all of the belts for small bits of debris that may be stuck to them. Make sure the wheels are all intact, no cracks. Make sure the laser arm wheels are properly seated on their rails. Make sure the rails are clear of debris. Check the belt tension. It is not likely that scoring would be causing this behavior as many people do lots of scoring and haven’t reported this behavior. With nothing on the honeycomb tray, turn the machine back on. After it recalibrates and centers, print the Gift of Good Measure on proofgrade material with proofgrade settings. Does it print perfectly?


Checked the wheels. All of them seem tight/normal, but then there’s this:

No video??

Hey there, I attached a video in my last response. (Thank you for helping me by the way) Was it unavailable? Here’s the video:

Something goofy with my computer because I can’t view the video via Firefox or Chrome. Probably my glitch.

That’s okay. Basically the wheel right here (if you can see the picture) is loose.

I think that wheel just rides the rail. How does it feel loose?

The rest of them feel “tight” if that makes sense. The wheel that I’m pointing to feels like a screw that’s been loosed.

Print the Gift of Good Measure. If it doesn’t turn out right, it makes it easier for Glowforge support to diagnose the problem. Takes 5 minutes.


Okay, will do

(The forum is really limited on video - you do better to upload to YouTube, or Vimeo, etc. and then post the link here)

That may very well be your culprit, as both of mine are definitely tight. I don’t know if that’s a user serviceable part, but a staff member will be along as soon as they can to answer that! (Because of the holidays they’re really backed up, so it’s not going to be until tomorrow as they work through everything that came in over the weekend).

If you can re-load those videos it may help.

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Hi @melitoe1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with one of the wheels loose from the laser arm of your Glowforge. I was able to review the video and photos of the wheel. To resolve this, you may want to try turning off the Glowforge and attempt to tighten the screw using a 4mm hex key. If you’re not able to access this wheel, or it fails to tighten, the best next step to resolve this will be replacing the printer and for this process, I will need to move this to email. Let me know if which is easiest for you, and I will be happy to help you get this resolved. Thank you!