Panta Rei Light Cube



Looks like something that could easily be accomplished with a laser and multiple layers of thin material -


Absolutely a laser project. This is looking at edge lit acrylic in a different way.


Interesting…absolutely, I agree with @soldiercoleman that edge-lit acrylic would be ideal. I’d like to see a video of this being manipulated. This would be ideal with random or sequential LEDs without human manipulation. - Rich


I don’t see edge lit acrylic when I look at this. I see card stock paper, with thin wood spacers. LED strips placed along those spacers.

Pretty nice effect, and quite easy to replicate (getting thin enough LED strips would be the only trick)


Yes, that’s what appears to be. We were just saying it would better in edge-lit acrylic. Just artistic opinion, not objective fact. :wink: - Rich


Ah, gotcha. I suppose I would disagree in that regard. But I would have to see the acrylic version.