Paper Leaves for Palm Sunday

I know this is super simple compared to things that most people are doing on the Glowforge right now, but I thought it may be useful to some. A fellow Sunday School teacher in our church asked if I could make some leaves on my Cricut for her class to make a craft for Palm Sunday. (She purchased letters for them to put HOSANNA on them and they’re gluing to dowels.)
I thought why bother with the mat, etc on the Cricut if it will work on the GF?
The paper is somewhere between copy paper and construction paper in weight, so I just guessed and put in .01" as that was the paper setting another GF user recommended (but you can just use set focus if you want to be precise on your thickness…01" worked for me).
I am using a pro, but believe the settings will be the same for the basic.
I cut at 500 speed and 28 power and didn’t have a single spot of char, etc on the front or back. I was able to put 2 sheets of paper on the bed at a time and to cut 2 leaves that are approx. 10.5x6" took 35 seconds. I had to do 30 total and this would have taken so much longer on my Cricut. I am so grateful to be able to cut paper on the GF!


Very nice! Thanks for the info on the settings!

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Nice turnout. What method did you use to hold your paper in the Glowforge?

Just the regular honeycomb tray pins :slight_smile: …the paper didn’t move around at all and I only had it held down in each corner.

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Now that is a clean no char cut for sure! Those look great, thanks for sharing!

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