Paper practice

Can’t wait to cut these out of wood and make some more art toys. I cut these out of cardstock with my silouette cameo in preparation.


Boy, if these are your waking creations, I’d love to see what you come up with in your dreams. Such a wonderful mixture of color, texture and movement.


Thanks! They’ll be so much better in birch and painted with watercolor. A local art association has put together an art show for us art teachers, so I had to put something together. I’m just hoping I have my glowforge soon enough to make art toy versions before our district show in March.


they might also look interesting out of coloured acrylic. personally i enjoying playing with material like that because it’s bright and saturated like the 80s.


I’ve thought of that and will certainly make a few from acrylic, but colored acrylic is so expensive and hard to find wide ranges of colors. Even the paper selection I had was limiting and didn’t line up with my original drawings.
Of course the feel of an acrylic toy in your hand would be pretty stellar. I’d need to try out painting details/textures/shadows with acrylic paint to make them more dynamic like my drawings. I didn’t add anything to these because I was in a hurry to finish them for the show.


LOVE these!

You could try coloring your own acrylic to get a better variety. The two ways I’ve seen it done are plastic-friendly spray paint with a finishing coat(there’s some tips here on doing that) and using fabric dyes, like Rit brand. I would try their DyeMore line as it is a synthetic dye made for stuff like acrylic yarn. Haven’t found any information on that process that feels real solid yet, so your Googling attempt may be just as good or better than mine.


Well I certainly haven’t heard of dying acrylic before. I’ll look into it. Thanks!


I don’t imagine acrylic paint will adhere to acrylic very well if it’s actually being played with. You might want to experiment with dye inks or solvent based markers. I’m not positive, but I would get they would have more stick-to-it-ness.

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I’m guessing a cross between Picasso, Stephen King, and Tim Burton. My kinda creativity!


Well the term toy is a misnomer in this case. Art toys are artworks for display, not play. I’m sure you’re right. It would peel right off if you picked at it a bit. Alcohol-based makers would likely work nicely, but would also rub off with a fair amount of handling.