Paper text art


My wife saw something like this and asked for me to make her one.

60 lb paper and card stock from local hobby store.
Cut = 500/40
Engrave = 800/10

Cardboard insert for spacing
Vector graphics cleaned up in Inkscape including stencil cuts for certain letters.

Fonts downloaded from Google Web Fonts and converted via link


Fortunately she’s not looking…nothing to see Here! (My “To Lase” list is already rivaling the Encyclopedia Britannica…dang, I just dated myself…)


Those were pretty cool though. Pre-internet you had access to hundreds of thousands of different topics. That special thin paper made the whole experience of discovery materially different than today.


Very nice!
So cool to be able to whip out a custom piece. :sunglasses:
Welcome to the forum!


Nice! Can’t wait to see what awesome things you do with your Glowforge.