Paper woven balloon

Here’s my first attempt at paper weaving. Laser cutting was a snap; assembly, somewhat less so. If I were to attempt it again, I would absolutely rescale everything to max size on the paper I have. Incredibly fiddly to weave at a smaller scale.

My cut file: (23.3 KB)

Taken from the PDF found at Paper Matrix. Use a ton of paper clips to hold finished portions in place while you weave the arms, and tighten tighten tighten.

There are a ton of other patterns there to experiment with.


Cool! :grinning:

Love it!

Thanks for sharing

That is insanely cool…

Fantastic work! So many things to make!

Thats really good looking jsc. Thicker paper for the basket and edge on the bottom of the balloon would probably help with the warping.

Dang, that’s great… I’m going to have to leave this type of project to the folks with patience. :slight_smile:

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