Hello, wondering if anyone out there has tried to engrave paper? lol


Yep! Extremely low power, fast speeds. You just want to tattoo it. Start with 1% and work up.


Engrave paper?

Try searching for “engrave paper”…

Lots of posts. In fact whatever you’re going to ask, always search first. There’s such a wealth of info here.


Thank you both :slight_smile:


Just about anything you can think of.
Paper, minerals, rice, food, bone, cork, leather, felt, glass…
@evansd2 gives good advice, there is a massive collection of experiments here, and many friendly individuals who will help.
That to me is one of the most valuable resources. Throw a problem on the table, and if a solution isn’t readily available, the community will congregate and attack it to find one.
Welcome to the community. :sunglasses: