Maybe an odd question…but can you use a Glowforge, to Glowforge the lid of a Glowforge? Glowforgeception? I’d like to customize my Glowforge lid :wink:


If you hunt around on these forums, you will be able to find a few pictures that show the lid pretty clearly. Look closely at those pictures, and I think you will be able to come up with a few reasons why that might be a bad idea.


lol, Thank you! I was being more silly than anything. The idea of customizing my own Glowforge was a fun thought.


Gotcha. I will definitely be customizing mine!
I just might what to avoid destroying it in the process. :smile:


Why do I see this being beta day nine or ten…


You could probably cut lots of adornments to make the GF your own though!


I know my Silhouette Cameo will be helping me customize mine. I certainly won’t be getting rid of it.


Stickers are our friends around here. So I will be keeping the cameo too. My poor 3d fdm not so much. Not sure why but I hardly ever fire it up. I actually forgot I even owned it till I came around the corner one day and it caught my attention. Lol. I have plenty of tools I can’t keep up. Half of michaels store is on the property at this point.


You also probably want to keep the lid as clear as possible to make sure you can see what is happening while the laser is cutting. But you can “decorate” the rest of the glowforge to your heart’s content.


So if I understand correctly I can bedazzle most of the Glowforge just not the insides or lid?


Or intake ventilation slots!