Parametric fan covers


Just ran across this…


I appreciate people who do things like this for us. I also appreciate people who share these discoveries.


Pah! I designed my own. It holds the bed fan at the precise angle necessary to reduce PLA heat slump on the left side of the print.




You have a fan for your bed? What’s PLA heat? Why does it slump? Why the left side??



I don’t need a fan cover at the moment, but I tell you, I’m going to try this out because it is so cool!

And it made me go back to learn how to get an SVG export for OpenSCAD. Of course I run into the ever helpful nophead (aka @palmercr) giving pointers in the forum. I do need to read up on arcs and chords to get a finer resolution on the curve. But it works great.



Sorry, that was kind of a joke - that’s a filament 3D printer. :smile: