Part of logo wont print

printing (929.4 KB)

Can anyone tell me why the planet in the logo won’t print? This is an illustrator file. Thank you in advance!

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Try this insteadprinting%20problem

GF cannot process AI files. You need to convert to SVG. Also, I deletes the white background from the planet


It is still showing as an image trace.

Select it, Expand, Release, Minus Front and you’ll have a compound path with a fill. It should work fine from there.

I chose a PG material just to illustrate:

Have fun!


I am always truly impressed by the community every day. Thank you @gmckayca and @hansepe! That is exactly what is going on here.

@jonnyvermont did that help you get the results you were looking for?

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That’s it! Silly me! Thank you community!

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