Party Favors

We throw an annual party named Crabtacular and a stellar designer friend does the logo. As a gift of thanks, I transferred the logo to a trackpad. I think it still works maybe. Slightly too many pews or not quite enough zooms as the glass crazed a bit.


will crabtacular XV include playing you’ve got crabs?

(i just received a box this morning declaring that i got crabs)

You must be southern? (The crab boil is a staple of the Louisiana lifestyle.)
Looks great! :grinning:

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Bay Area… so, Dungeness.


You got lucky on the crazing, it looks like it accidentally picked an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

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Great engrave, I grew up in the bay area (Chesapeake Bay, Md) and Blue Crabs are the best. Spent many hours picking and eating. Now its Caribbean Land Crabs. Very different but tasty!