Pass through alignment AHHH!

I have used the pass through several times and I am unable to get my items to align. I have even attempted to align it manually. I’m frustrated and have wasted material.

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I don’t have a pro, but this has been addressed here before. Use the search function icon at the top right and try “Passthrough Alignment”.


I developed a means of doing bigger pieces before they had the alignment as a thing and often prefer it still. There are three things that need to happen to align: Y-axis alignment, X-axis alignment, and rotation.

You can fix the X-axis alignment and rotation by having the right side of the material hard on the right hand side of the cutting area so that it is held to a fixed Axis and fixed rotation.

The passthrough app insists that it has a single “slicing point” and that is its weakness. If you have a curved line almost horizontal it will be very hard to align as even a quarter millimeter error will stick out badly. By this method one does not even try that.

In the design app you look for vertical places that you can cut and break the line there. Diagonal lines etc you do not want to break as noted but you break the design up, making sure that the whole piece can be cut, and make each part is a different color. If there is engraving try to do each unconnected part at once as that too is nearly impossible to match, so even if it is a separate step try to have all the single part of the engraving in a single piece.

As you have the right rail holding the X-Axis and rotation, all you need do is slide the material down, and using only the down arrow move the design down till those vertical points match. If those bits are even a millimeter over, it will not matter as they will simply overlap, and not being in the same Y-axis line they will be even harder to spot.

I’m having the same issue, wasting a lot of time and material. I’ve never had issues this bad before with the alignment.

I’m going to try this today. Anxious about wasting this piece of wood! Thank you so much for your help!

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