Pass through freezing up

Why is the pass through freezing up on the 2nd cut. Sometimes my art work disappears on on screen but it cuts. Prompts to move material, I hit continue then nothing. It gets stuck aligning. Doesn’t take a pic of the moved board, the head doesn’t move to align etc.

Is it the machine or the software?

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Sorry, but there are lots of variables here. I’d email… as you probably know they don’t read the forum. There are a few “working with passthrough” threads out there that can give you some tips for improved results, but if you’re having a legit problem only support can help you.


i already have a ticket in to support. Just doing the waiting game. Thought someone else here might have had the same experience.

No issues here, but it’s almost certainly the software. The machine doesn’t do much other than follow instructions from the GF cloud processing.


Absoutly having that problem and others are as well on the FB groups. Started last night. So incredibly frustrating because its a wasit of time and supplies that are NOT CHEAP!

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Thanks, good to know it’s a GF problem at least I can stop trying to fix it with test cuts.

I ran a quick test on cardboard after you started this thread and it’s working fine here.

It seems like certain servers get updated at different times, so whatever my machine connects to is either not “updated” or was rolled back. Who knows.


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