Pass Through Print Fails but regular prints are fine!

Normal prints work fine. Passthrough starts initial scan, then fails. Print unsuccessful. Gives option to cancel or manually align. If you hit manually align you see that it’s skipped/deleted part 1 completely and only shows the remainder of the print (part 2) for alignment. None of my settings show on the left once it tries to start the first portion of the print.
I am seeing many people with the same issue, but I am not seeing any public resolution! I have orders to fill!!! Help!!!

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Before the Passthrough existed I worked out a way to accomplish the job anyway. by breaking the design into multiple pieces that break only at places that are vertical and then align the material to the right rail. Aligning to the right rail eliminates any changes in the x direction and using only the arrow keys to change the design leaves only the y direction to worry about and if you can have only vertical places cut then that alignment is all you have to worry about, and any glitches in the program are irrelevant.

The Passthrough program uses only a single y value but my way allows you to use places at quite different y levels. All that is needed is that each piece stays in the printable area.

I have posted this solution several times.


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