Pass through slot open says 'lid open'

i have a pro unit and when the pass through front door is down, the app says ‘lid open’ and won’t let me print. this is my first time trying this. am i doing something wrong?

The front door isn’t a pass through slot. It’s a door… the pass through slot is the 1/4" slot that’s in the door, covered by a flap (you will need to remove the shields, if they are in place to use the slot).


The front door is not the passthrough and needs to remain closed to run the laser. The passthrough is just the slot in the front door.


what’s the point of this door? i thought it was to do pass through for thicker materials

The door is there to allow easier access to the material and crumb tray. Do you have a Basic or Pro?

No, the maxiumum thickness of the material that you can use in the passthrough slot is 1/4".

The drop down door needs to remain firmly closed in the upright position so that the magnetic locks engage. If it is slightly opened, you will see an error message about closing the door. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the help, everyone! Here is a picture of Proofgrade material properly positioned in the passthrough slot.

I’m going to close this thread - if there are other questions, please go ahead and post a new topic.


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