Pass through will not BEGIN the cut

I have been using my passthrough really successfully. I am trying to cut out a large sign with letters and when I start the cut, it will not go through and tells me
"Print unsuccessful - If the most recent print finished, choose “Align Manually” to drag and drop the design in place. “Cancel Print” will stop the pro passthru print. " with the choices of alignment manually and cancel print. But the cut NEVER went through for me to press the start button. Didn’t even start, just thought and though and gave me this. I have restarted software, and machine. I have set focus, checked machine, cleaned lenses. I did a cold reboot of machine overnight. Still same message. I reloaded the design ,changed the design everything I can think of. Same message. Any idea what is up? machine will do a regular cut no problem, so its just passthru.

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