Passthrough in perspective of the lid camera calibration


I just read about the lid camera calibration and will try that out asap.
I received the Snapmark feature a few weeks ago. Since I have a Pro model and bought it to cut materials that are larger than the bed size, I’d be interested to hear from Dan / Glowforge team, if they can shed some light on the feature roadmap. Snapmarks helped me to cut some larger items, but they didn’t work in every case. I know that I won’t loose the feature, but since the Pro passthrough was mentioned in the Lid Camera Calibration thread, it would be interesting to hear if that feature is close to being available.



We’d all love that :slightly_smiling_face: But if there’s been any consistency from GF in the last 4 years is that they won’t comment on unreleased features. Be interested if they change that practice in response to your request but I wouldn’t hold out hope.

In the meantime, folks have been able to do some great pass through projects using jigs and indexing (like we have to on CNC routers). Lots of posts about how to do that.

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That would be jigs and indexing. :rofl::joy:

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Maybe dancing an Irish jig would get the luck needed to resolve the real-soon-now problem. I have never heard of an indexing dance for good luck though…


Fixed it.

For some reason Android thinks jugs is a preferred word over jigs. One track mind :wink:


Aw dangit! You changed it! Now my comment makes no sense a-tall! :rofl:

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I was able to figure it out from context. :laughing:


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