Passthrough is NOT worth the problems

So Passthrough is a great idea… but the programming and execution is awful. First off, the slot is SO tiny you can only use crappy wood or plywood or it won’t fit. The programming is awful if anything happens during a large cut you don’t even have the opportunity to realign and finish the cut so you just have half of an expensive piece of wood ruined. I mean come on, how do you not have the option to realign and cut the remainder of the job?? Yes you can manually align in some cases but hah, good luck doing that when the camera is so skewed🤣 DEFF wouldn’t have bothered spending the extra for the pro had I known all of this going in. They really need to update the pro/Passthrough setup in general…


Hi @bengeest

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your concerns and frustrations. Feedback like this helps up make it better for all our users. We are always looking to add and improve, so I’ll share your suggestions with the product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

I really want you to get the most out of your Glowforge Pro, we have some tips for using your Pro Passthrough that might help.

Some other tips if you are running into trouble:

  • Run Set Focus a few times and place the focus area on the material, so it’s not near an edge. Then watch to make sure the red dot hits the material. If the app displays an error message, please reach out to our team and let us know.
  • Ensure that, for each section of your Pro Passthrough print, your material is flat against the crumb tray inside the unit, and that any portions that stick out through the Pro Passthrough slot are supported to prevent the material from bowing.
  • If your design is very simple, such as cutting out large text or making a large, basic shape, auto-alignment may improve if you draw a few symbols on your material near the areas where you plan to have Pro Passthrough split your print.
  • If your design has sections that are cut out, leave them in place when moving your material for the next print. Removing cut-out sections could interfere with the auto-alignment process.

If the advice above doesn’t resolve the issue, please send us the following information:

  • A copy of the design you’re trying to print
  • Photos of how your material is supported on the outside of the unit
  • Photos of how your material is set up inside the unit
  • A detailed description of the trouble you’ve run into

This information will help us to investigate the trouble you’re experiencing and follow up with next steps.