Passthrough issue with Print Expired

So my issues with the Passthrough continue. I have cleaned the Glowforge from top to bottom, I have monitored my internet ( no issues) but I keep getting dropped and now I have a new issues that I got today at 10:30am central, it says it has expired. I need this to work as I do large maps, my material is flat to the crumbtray and clean so the cameras should work well.

I am about to try Tammy1’s suggestion of breaking apart the file and locking one of the axis.

Someone at Glowforge, can you please look into this it looks like it is on your server side. Can we get the programs loaded locally? I can share a screen shot if needed.

Unfortunately there is no one here from GF. We’re all just owners like yourself. The only way to contact them is through their support link.


I sent them a ticket too and copied it here. I am beyond frustrated.

Just because other devices have no issue on your wifi, that doesn’t mean the GF will work reliably.

You could try using your phone as a mobile hotspot, that will eliminate your local wifi from the equation.

It is not possible to load/run the software locally.


I been having the same issue the last few prints, ruined some good material.

I don’t have cellular wifi. I have tested and watched the connection of the Glowforge with my network and it is totally fine, never gets dropped and the signal strength maintains high. This is 100% on Glowforge. I guess I need to go to a more public forum to see if anyone has it. We bought this machine for this feature and it doesn’t work consistently enough. Extremally disappointed.

Agree on the issue it is something on Glowforge side. The service and responses have been poor too. I wonder if Glowforge is having issues.

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