Passthrough misalignment

Hi! Haven’t had the best results on passthrough. I’ve tried auto alignment and manual and it’s always a hit or miss. I start a project and pretty much just hope that it’s close enough to where I need it to be, and I’ve never really had a perfect match where I didn’t have to cut material manually with other tools ie: sand block to blend or even and electric saw or router. I will try to attach pics but can anyone offer some advice? Or is this it? I find myself not wanting to even bother using bc of risk of ruining my work. Very frustrating. Thanks!

The passthrough alignment feature is in beta. Support can’t help you with it, you need to post in the ongoing beta discussion thread which the dev team monitors.

Here’s the standard response from support:

I’m sorry for the trouble when trying the Pro Passthrough beta feature. @eflyguy is correct that, since this feature is still in beta, we don’t have official support for it yet. Although we don’t have official support yet, I’ve taken a closer look to see if there is advice I can offer.

I reviewed your unit’s recent logs from Pro Passthrough print attempts. The design shown in your photos has a fairly small number of lines. It looks like the system may be having trouble aligning the next slice of the print due to there being only a few areas to use as a match. Something you could try would be to insert a few unique symbols into your design onto the areas which will be left over as scrap, and place them close to where you expect to divide the design into sections when using Pro Passthrough. Then, when setting up the print, set those symbols to be scored onto the material.

Another option would be to draw some unique symbols like a heart, star, square, etc. directly onto your material with a felt pen. In either case, having more visual features on the material might improve the alignment.

Will you please let me know if this information helps?


thank you!!!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email