Passthrough shield preventing door from completely closing?

I recently was cleaning out my Glowforge Pro and noticed that my GF was no longer closing properly. As I begin to close the front door I could feel that it was not engaging the magnets and when I closed the top lid it was not flushed against the rest of the machine.

The crumb tray is aligned properly in the bottom of the machine, there was no debris in the door/lid area. The lid/door closes just fine if you remove the crumb tray OR if you leave the crumb tray in you need to remove the Pro Shield (Front) piece on the passthrough slot. So it appears that the crumb tray is somehow rubbing up against the front door/Pro Shield and it is keeping it from closing properly. I have disassembled the front door pieces and cleaned them but that didn’t solve the issue either.

I didn’t have this problem two days ago so I am not entirely sure what changed. Just checking in to see if anyone has run into this problem or any suggestions on a fix?

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I could be way off here, but the GF needs to be on an absolutely FLAT surfact (not level). Could be that something needs to be tweaked. My old house ‘settles’ from time to time in it’s 100 year old history. Might need nothing more than a piece of thin cardboard…or almost anything…folded up and put on one corner or end. Mine has been ‘shimmed’ nearly since day one…7 years ago…because the lid wasn’t flush.


When in doubt, retrace your steps. Remove the crumb tray entirely and check how the door and lid close. If everything is ok, put the crumb tray back in. Handle toward the front, feet securely in the dimples. Close the door and lid. If it still doesn’t close properly, share a photo.


I would double-check to see if the shield was upside down. I have not had mine on for years and both have stuff sticking out of them ATM. so I can’t look.