Passthrough slice section dimensions

Hello, my first post here, this forum has been extremely helpful!
Does anyone know the dimensions that the pass through beta slices up the artwork?
I want to be able to either shrink or expand my artwork to prevent my last cut from being e a tiny little corner.
For example, I would like to be able to design my artwork so that it would take only 3 passthrough moves instead of 4
I hope this makes sense

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It is completely dependent on how far you move your material between each print. It does not divide it up in advance.

The first section can be slightly under 10 inches in length. Subsequent sections can be up to 7 inches if you are careful in your placement to always be exactly 3 inches away from the front door, but in actuality, about 6.5 inches is more practical.

Also from a practical standpoint, it’s better to just let it determine how many sections fit best. I used to spend time trying to figure it out, but it’s quicker to just shove that last bit forward and let it run. Usually there’s just a tiny bit left on the fourth panel.


Yeah that’s what keeps happening, the last cut is such a small piece. I wouldn’t mind so much but it takes so long for the camera to align doing the passthroughs etc. I wish there was a way it could tell you in advance how and where it was going to slice so you could adjust before you start. I know that it can’t be totally accurate because of how you place the wood. But an estimate would be great. On the other hand the passthrough feature works so great, I am always impressed every time watching the laser line up and hit the previous cuts precisely.


It always prints to the same spot towards the rear of the machine, just about the same as the normal print area.

It doesn’t stop short to intentionally break up a print into smaller pieces.

So just use your judgement to move the material and have the sections be as big (or small) as you like.

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