Passthrough slot and alignment

Hi i´m one of the international guys that are still waiting. I have been trying to find some videos on the inernet showing the passhtrough slot in action and how the process is. My understanding is that (rumours on the internet) it is not fully functioning and the same about the camera alignment. I hope some can give me inside. video & photos …


Searching for passthrough will show you a lot of information. Like so:

No real need to rehash so much of what’s already on here, but the tl;dr is that no, the passthrough automatic alignment is not working (yet? It was promised, but has yet to be fully realized), but there are ways to manually compensate for that to get good results.

The one thing that I think people overlook is that the passthrough will only accept materials up to about 1/4" thick. Other than this quick overview, read through the old threads, you should find answers to all (some? most?) of your questions.


The pass-through slot is fully functional, it’s a set of matching holes. The feature where the glowforge automatically cuts and engraves your file as you slide material through it has not been implemented. If you use manual alignment and registration you can make it work. It’s a pain, but it is possible. There are tutorials on the forum about how to do it. Maybe it will be implemented when you receive yours.


well… yeah. the hole exists… the software functionality is non-existent.

yes, there are workarounds that people have figured out on their own, but GF hasn’t done anything yet in the software.

so i think it’s still fair to say that it’s not fully functioning.


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