Passthrough Slot Covers

Since it seems that Pro units are now shipping with the passthrough slot covers installed, has anyone that got their Pro without the covers received them?

Not whining, just curious :smile:

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I don’t think so. I was a day one order and haven’t seen mine yet.

I could be wrong, but it looks like the fulfillment side of the house has their hands full with shipping pre-order Glowforge’s, so I suspect it’ll be some months yet.

I’m with you, there. I’m actually quite happy if they are focused on getting units out the door more than catching up on accessories. I will wait for my blast shields.

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Just received our passthrough slot covers and when the front one is installed, the gate becomes difficult to close (due to lack of clearance with the cutting bed.)

Has anyone else that has gotten their covers also run into this problem?

I find mine to be tight to the point of impeding the door slightly, but it also results in the crumb tray being absolutely immovable with the front door closed.

I.e. no longer need to worry about the crumb tray moving between cuts!

Also-- I only installed the front slot cover. I can still use the passthrough by lowering the front door and shoving material through to the point where it no longer hangs out the front. I’ll often also do a final cut across the width of the material to make it shorter for the next cut. Works really well.

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Yep. Two machines and 3 sets of shields. Front shield rubbed on the crumb tray. At first I couldn’t close the front door. Over a couple days it got better so the door will close but still rubs. Wasn’t worth it to report again. Tolerence is extremely tight on the fit. Not everyone has the problem. I can easily notch the shield if I ever need it. I won’t ever need it.

Heard back from GF support and they are mailing new variations of the slot covers! Will update when received and installed.

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