Passthrough slot & silhouette software--needed

Never used my passthrough, use silhouette to design, need some help! Pls & ty

I’d suggest either Inkscape or Illustrator. We have tutorials for both of those programs to show how to prep the files.

If you want to read through the tutorials, it might help you to adapt the steps to Studio.

For Illustrator:

For Inkscape:


This utilizes Snapmarks, if you have them, and Inkscape - but the concepts can apply to any design software.

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Could you be a bit more specific about what you want to do? If it’s just alignment, @eflyguy has given you the advice you need. It won’t be any different in Silhouette Studio.

FWIW, SS is just fine for design work. I occasionally design there because some things are easier. The only flaw is that most of the tutorials are in other software packages.


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