Passthrough tips

Hi there! just want to ask for some tips using the passthrought slot.
I have attempted 2 projects and failed on both them, the 1st was a mirror I engraved from the back, when I went to slide the mirror forward the pics alignment was way off. Not sure if it was cause my machine was dirty, it was not cutting good at that time until I cleaned the lenses. Or if its cause the back of the mirror is black and camera had a hard time with the reallignment.

the 2nd was a draftboard, I didnt like the alignment so I tried manual and totally messed it up.
is there a way to go back to realignment so software can align after you attempt the manual realignment?

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It is hard to trust the software and accept alignment that doesn’t look right, but in my experience if the software says to proceed it is usually aligned. As far as putting something back in after you have manually aligned, I don’t think that would be very successful.

Others here in the forum with more passthrough experience than I have will have more useful comments.




thank you! just wanted someone to say that.


I see that the community has provided some good advice. I’ll keep this thread open a little longe.Please let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions!

I tried the pass through tonight for the first time using cardboard to try it out. I also had trouble with alignment. So to make sure I understand this correctly even if it doesn’t look aligned on the screen we are to trust it when is says it’s done and to print it! If that’s true I’m going to cut another test because I am so new to this I want to make sure I have it correct before I waste the wood when I cut the real project for my daughters friend.

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Nothing wrong with that idea at all. My first 40 prints on the passthrough were on cheap cardboard. That was so I could learn how it worked and make sure I understood it before running a large sheet of proofgrade through.

And as a result, I’ve only lost one sheet of proofgrade. (I used it for smaller cuts later.) There’s always a learning curve…use the cheap stuff for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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