Passtrough option not available on Pro

I subscribe for premium service, try to use passtrough but I do not have option under my account, so I follow up instruction on setting up printer head, still nothing. please see picture and advise if you have any input. Thank you.

Did you have it before? Check out step 3 of the instructions at You may have to run the printer head setup.

Yes that is instruction that I follow, done it 2 times, still nothing.

It isn’t a premium feature. Support will need to fix your account.


I figure that s not option of premium, it should be standard for a pro version, hopefully they can resolve sooner then latter

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I’ve extracted the log files from the Glowforge attached to this email address, and it appears to be a Glowforge basic. I’d like to review the log files from the Pro unit you are experiencing this error with. Could you please confirm the serial number of your unit for me?

The serial number can be found on the back of the Glowforge, printed on a sticker near the AC adapter on the right-hand side. It will look something like ABC-123-4.

Once we can confirm the serial number, I’ll send over the next best steps.

This is a Serial number CGV-837-4, also there is a QR code and above saying PRO

Wondering… If the system thinks you have a Basic do you have burn issues when using automatic settings?

I am not even sure but sure did struggle from time to time


I provide with ask Information, when can I get some updates regarding issue, please advise.

Thank you ,
Boris Ruzek

May i please have update on my issue, support please advise

I am not sure why is it taking so long to address issue, I need updat regarding my issue, 1st why is my account on your side set as Basic and 2nd how long do I need to wait for someone to fix issue of correcting my account on your end to make sure is a Pro, following on providing features that comes with a pro.

The standard response time is 1-2 business days. You lucked on on Sunday getting a quick response - they will get back to you.

I see we’ve been working on this by email, so this forum post will be closed.