Past monthly designs

Is it possible to “buy” past monthly designs for free, if I had the Premium service. There was a few months I did not have internet due to rural and weather issues. I missed the premium monthly designs… I have had the Premium service since Feb. of last year.,…

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The design of the month is only free to subscribers during that month. If you want it later, you have to buy it with money.


I was a subscriber during those months just was not able to download it at the time.

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I understand. Anyone who was a subscriber during those months but didn’t download it will have to pay for it now. That’s how the design of the month works. It’s only free if you claim it during that month. Luckily, the rest of the ~1000 “free with premium” designs remain free to you.


Catalog files are not allowed to be downloaded and shared with anyone.

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Please don’t suggest stealing from a company on their own forum…


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