Patience is a virtue, but I'm going nuts waiting

Ok so I ordered my Glowforge Plus on Friday and I haven’t received any notification on when it will be shipped (it’s now Monday) and I even spent the extra $95 to get it here faster. Can anyone tell me how long it took you to get your Glowforge?? I even took a few days off this week so I can set it up and play with it…When I purchased it, I was given May 22nd as my delivery date and that was BEFORE I purchased the 3 day delivery gurantee

I was told on the web site that it would arrive in two weeks. I ordered on saturday and I think it was delivered the following tuesday or wednesday. So basically just roll some dice. It’ll be here in 6d10 -4 days. :smiley:

When I purchased it, it told me would arrive by the 22nd…I hate I can’t just call someone and find out how far out it will be.

It is exciting and kind of a challenge to keep patient, especially with thing like Amazon Prime and Prime Now spoiling everyone. I think mine was a couple of weeks. Once they provide you shipping info you can plan your attack. I don’t think I would have taken the days off until I had confirmed shipping information. However, I do hope that you get it and start to crank out all of the fun stuff!! Welcome to the community!



When I purchased it, It said estimated delivery date May 22nd. And that was before I purchased the guaranteed 3 day delivery

Oh boy don’t ask any of us preorder-ers how long it takes. It was more like 750d1+1 :slight_smile:


While you wait, it’s a great time to read everything you can on the forum and in the support docs, so you’ll be ready when it arrives.

Choose a design software (if you haven’t) and start designing.

It’s hard to wait (although you haven’t been waiting all that long!), but if you make good use of this time, you’ll be able to enjoy your machine a lot more when it arrives.

[Also, don’t bother looking for a shipping notification. Most people never get one. Signup for FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS MyChoice for notifications on your packages. Can’t remember how they are shipping now…]


I ordered mine in Oct 2015 and received it in Feb 2018 - so just under 2 1/2 years. (Hey, you ASKED!)

Three days sounds like a dream. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL OMG I would die :rofl:


I almost did! It was a close thing. :wink:


If you had told me I would pay in full and wait 2 and 1/2 years for delivery I would have argued with you. It was an extreme test of patience and faith.


No kidding. my family was giving me grief about that for a LONG time. “When the glowforge arrives”… “when we GET the glowforge”… and on and on. of course now that it is here and 2 years AFTER it arrived I am actually getting to use it. my family is much more impressed. LOL


as a followon to Christy’s post.

You might consider having it held up at the depot and you go THERE to pick it up if possible. Back in the day some damage was occuring in that last hop.


But you know. That wait drove me nuts. then not really getting to use it until. now. it was WORTH the wait. Once I got squared away that addin for Fusion 360. Life is grand.

Especially as I learn more about inkscape.

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My box was damaged and it was standing up on its short side when I picked it up from the distribution facility.

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WOW, did it work when you got it home?

Emphasis on “estimated”. But yeah I also waited over 3 years so that sounds pretty fast to me.


Mine also had a few handles missing from the box and I watched the guy carry it up the driveway on it’s end then stand it on end on my door step. No damage inside what so ever. It hasn’t given me a lick of trouble in the 17 months I’ve had it.

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Coolant leaked all over the left side, but the machine has worked fine since 2017…

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I couldn’t even wait 9 months to have babies (well, I did once); 2.5 years was unbelievable! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: