Patriotic first project

So, this is actually my second project. My first was a bunch of very cool stainless steel dog-tag bottle openers I made for a group of guys that does not want their unit logo to be posted publicly. I wish I could post them because they look waaaay better than I expected. I’m almost considering a side job making similar items. Anyway, many thanks to this community for making it easy to get the settings exactly right on my first try on that one.

This project started this morning when my wife mentioned that we didn’t have very many 4th of July decorations on our deck. I figured I have this new laser toy and I should use it to solve the problem.
As a guy who has spent many years working with wood, it was absolutely amazing to me that I could design and cut this while drinking my morning coffee, and still in my bathrobe. Even more amazing is that everything fits together PERFECTLY. No sanding. No putty. I could have even skipped the glue.
I have a lot of very fancy woodworking tools and it stills takes some patience and skill to get joints as tight as my Glowforge made while I was standing a few feet away, sipping coffee, and talking to my 5 year old.

Now, a lot of people have posted a lot of exceptionally cool things here. Frankly it’s a little intimidating. I know I’m not nearly the artist that many people here are, but I’m happy with my first attempt at cutting something useful. It’s just a very simple table lamp (meant to be used with a led light), with a 4th of July theme. There is red, white, and blue crepe paper glued to the inside. The pics don’t actually do it justice The colors aren’t as bright as they look in real life. Also, the eagle isn’t my design. It’s a royalty-free image I used on a website design years ago, and modified slightly today to make it cut well.
Gluing this together was the longest and most complicated step in the whole project. I’m really looking forward to posting some much cooler stuff in the near future.
Happy 4th!
IMG_2841 IMG_2840 IMG_2838


Really nice work and great first post, welcome to the community! Keep posting!


Nice holiday light. I look forward to seeing more of your projects that combine your woodworking skills and tools with the Glowforge precision.


Love it! The addition of the crepe paper was inspired! :grinning:


Love it! I’d be tempted to do an acrylic inlay for the red, white, and blue … but, the crepe paper worked wonderfully!


I agree. This was a quick and dirty project, done with materials I had readily available. Acrylic inlays are definitely in my future plans for other projects, now that I’ve seen first-hand how cleanly and precisely I could cut tiny details. The bed of my Glowforge currently contains several dozen very tiny, perfectly cut wooden stars.


That’s really great and what a tribute to country’s birthday.

After years of old school woodworking, it’s quite a change isn’t it to have a robot execute a design?
Cutting and sculpting with a beam of light is still like science fiction to me.

Welcome to the community, nice work!

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There are a number of conversations on here on “what to do with the leftover cool-shaped pieces”! Jars of them across the world :stuck_out_tongue:
Hmmm…though if you’ve got enough stars you could throw them into a clear jar with some red and blue tinsel and have another decoration!


Very Nice!! Thank you for ideas and inspiration. Keep up the good work