Pause to make an edit

Can you pause and make a edit to how many passes are being done?
I would like to add 2 more passes on my project.

No, but you can repeat the print without moving the material.


So as soon as it is done, just hit print again?

Yes, or make adjustments like power and passes if necessary before printing again.

Though my fresh print never is the spot once its done. it has moved a few inches…

Its important not to move anything on the dashboard either

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The machine is accurate to within 1/1000". If it’s moving by inches, your machine is broken.

Camera probably just needs a calibration

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I did a calibration on my laser and camera just yesterday. I will see if it does it on this cut, if so I will be getting a hold of customer support. Thanks!

Is this an observation from the UI from the picture it takes or is it after hitting
print again and not moving the material at all?

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It will appear to move just because of the camera. If you don’t move it and print again does it cut/score/engrave in the same places on your material?


Can you upload us a picture of what it is doing?

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It just finished the 6 hour job and when I try to print again, it is telling me it is unable to print. I get the material thickness statement. I am doing this print without my tray in, though it always moves my finished jobs even with the tray in.

Since you took your tray out: did you prop up the object so that the surface is in the correct focal range and use set focus? The range is quite narrow, there’s only a bit less than 1/2” leeway.

Yes. It did the the image you see in the pic just fine. It is only after me trying to reprint that I that got that error.

In that case something is definitely amiss, have you cleaned the optics lately?

I just cleaned them yesterday. Did a deep clean and also did a laser and camera calibration.

Also, I placed my image to the very sides of my wood. But it started at the point of the image I posted. I wanted it on the entire circle.

So now it allowed me to print. I then let it go just to see where it would print. I started between Luke and Leia heads…ugh…

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If you are trying to refocus on material that has already been engrave on and it was thick enough to require you to remove the tray, it may now be out of range for an accurate focus.