Pay for Designs

I am in need of a designer to create some very basic designs for our company. These are simple, flat pieces of primarily wood with etched designs. I have looked on some free-lance sites with no luck. Any help? We have a glowforge, just no experts on design and no time to figure out the deets.


Welcome to the community. I say download Inkscape and start playing around you will be surprised at the creative ability we have with in us.

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I believe @jbv does commission work. (And he is a graphic artist by trade, so Iā€™d check with him to see what he charges.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Pauline. Perhaps I will have our graphics person have a look. I am quite creative myself, just buried in CEO duties :smile:

THank you Jules. Much appreciated.

thanks @jules, yes I accept commissions. My contact info is on my website (link in profile) or feel free to DM me here.


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