Paypal fees....Ouch

So got a referral fee from Glowforge as promised for $100 thank you very much and more so thank you to the person who used my code!

By time Paypal have had their way with it however it actually comes to $82.61. Wowsers!

That’s it, just a good old fashioned British moan, no strongly worded letter of complaint, just a tut.


17.39% fee! That doesn’t seem right even for PayPal. It is normally under 4%.

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@palmercr agreed it seems off and I wish I had the time to look at it, but honestly after the proofgate situation I just can’t face it!

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Sounds like conversions fee… :neutral_face:

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The conversion/exhange fee when I put it in my bank account from paypal was just a few quid, the rest was a reminder that I’m in the wrong business! :yum:

Its the Golden Rule those who have the gold, rule.


We have peace of mind instead. :grinning:


That why I kept mine referral as credit … better get 125 in PG vs less than 100 with all of the fees and what not comes from Paypal.


Wish I could of but Glowforge isn’t yet shipping proofgrade to the UK. :neutral_face:

It’s all great and all, but peace of mind is expensive!

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