Peg Board Screwdriver Holder

Hey Forum,

I just put up some pegboard in my basement and was getting frustrated with store-bought screwdriver holders. They’re terrible for small screwdrivers, which are skinny and top heavy. Instead of heading to amazon, I decided to play around with pegboard barb designs and see if I could print something to wrangle my little drivers.

The end design worked better than expected so I thought I’d share!

Cut out of medium draftboard using default settings, but would probably be much more durable on acrylic or baltic. Happy forging!

Here’s the SVG.



people who their first post is to share get 1000 bonus points.

Nice share at that.

Now that every larger place in the lair is covered in slat board I am starting to do pegboard in smaller areas.


Welcome and thank you! Nice first post and share. I think I have screwdriver envy now and I didn’t even know that was a thing. I am looking forward to seeing your future projects.


Nice design, and thanks for the workspace porn. Something about seeing how others do it… I have gotten some great ideas of workshop organization from this community.


If you want hard core workspace porn find the youTube where Adam Savage takes us through his personal home workspace. To kill for.


Genius design! Thanks for the share.

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Good solution, thanks for sharing

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Great idea, thanks for sharing!

What a fabulous first post!!! Thank you so much!
Not sure why I’m out of likes … should have at least two left for your post!

Love this idea, I am attempting to make a shelf with a similar tab. It’s done, feel free to make it better

I did make a 2nd version with an edge but my illustrator file went wonky.


I really need this! But if I click on the svg, it wants to save it as a png. And if I click on the the graph one, it brings in all the graph lines and everything. Am I doing something wrong to get the svg file?

Right click on the hot spot that says “svg here” and click save as.


Thanks. I did get it. Worked out perfect! I’ll show you a picture when I can get it to transfer from my phone to my computer. :slight_smile: