Pegboard L hook

I’m sharing my alteration of the Jhook I found here,
Thanks markevans36301Regular
I needed a bracket to hold a flat shelf for a 4’ wide pop up display.
4 brackets per shelf with a recess just deep enough for the 3mm shelf to sit in.
I added a .25" deep 1.4" wide notch in my shelves so they fit tight and help stop the pegboard from bowing.
I used Chemcast sign white acrylic .175 thick for added stability in the pegboard.
I will attempt to add a picture tomorrow as I set up!


I love what you’ve done with it. This is exactly what I had in mind posting mine. For all to take it and make it there own.
I’ve even downloaded it in case I ever have this use case!

You can make the SVG visible by editing the numbers in the link upwards. Discourse (the forum software) often does weird things like this with SVGs making you do a manual edit.

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Thank you

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Thank you!

Is there a file that I somehow missed here?

No, it appears the OP is broken.