Pen holder Holder


I just created the Desktop Tool Carousel from the catalog and it’s the most fun I’ve had since EVER! I didn’t realize how smooth the spinning action was going to be. Freaking love this machine and love every part of de-masking and putting the pieces together. I’m am a graphic designer and calligrapher so I put my oblique pen holders in the carousel.


Please can someone send me my Glowforge faster so I can have fun, too?


Gee, I don’t see that offered in my catalog :thinking:


It’s here:


Thanks, but it’s not there for me… because I’m prerelease or something? I see a total of 24 designs.


Must be. It looks like there’s 62 items in the current catalog.




Yes, the Pre-Release folks don’t have access to the catalog. No reason why that I can think of but it is what it is. Guess will continue to wait.




Watching that video on repeat is like watching the laser do it’s thing - mesmerizing. I’m happy you get to experience that feeling!


@dan thank you so much for this machine. I just printed two tool carousel with one alternating with walnut and maple for my niece and nephew. This machine was worth the price and the wait. So worth the wait. The Proofgrade is also amazing!!! I really REALLY appreciate you and the Glowforge team. This is a wonderful start. I cannot wait for future updates on the software.