Pen making and Engraving using the GF

Hi all, Im a newbie to GF. Finally unboxed my GF+ today and did my first print. Cor, its good! I need some help/advice please. I make hand turned pens and use both acrylic and woods to make them. Is there anyone who can give me a bit of advice on laying the pen on the crumb tray to get the barrel engraved. Is anyone using a jig? All help most gratefully received…Stormtrooper, fire up your laser!!!

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Yes - search the forums for jigs. There are many people here who’ve made jigs for pencils and other multi-engrave operations to keep things in place.

Depending on the thickness of the pen, you may need to remove the crumb tray and build a jig to hold the pens at the correct height. This is very doable, especially if you’re turning pens, you obviously have access to some woodworking tools. You can also use the GF to make these!

A quick search of the forums and you’ll be on your way - here’s 2 good posts.


Welcome to the forum.

There are several pen makers here in the forum. If you search the forum for “pen” you will find some great inspiration. Here is an old post which includes a link to a jig. Pen Holder for engraving


Thanks. Very much appreciate your response (I’ll take all the help I can get. Love the GF+……and it’s only been up and running for five hours! Thanks again. G

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